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Fee Schedule for General Applicants

Homestay Accommodation Services

Basic homestay accommodation includes a private bedroom with closet and student desk; the use of telephone (long distance charges not included); and the use of in-house laundry facilities. Students may also request access to high speed internet but must supply their own laptops and accessories.
  • Homestay Placement Fee (One-time) 

Based on each individual’s pre-determined needs, Canadian host families are carefully interviewed and screened for suitability. All initial placements include a 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your homestay a 2nd placement is arranged at no charge.

  $195.00 CDN

  • Full Board Accommodation Option (Monthly) 

Private furnished bedroom and three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks are offered on a daily basis.

  $750.00 CDN

  • Monthly Homestay Fee (For Ages 15-17)

  $850.00 CDN

  • Homestay Re-placement Fee (Per Occurrence)  

Students requesting a different homestay following the first month will be assessed a replacement fee.

  $125.00 CDN


Monitored Custodial Guardianship Services

All students under the age of 19 years in British Columbia must have a local representative who is responsible for their care and support while the student remains an unaccompanied minor studying in Canada. FCI’s monitored custodial guardianship service is available for minor-aged university or college students who reside either on-campus or in an approved homestay. 
  • Custodial Guardianship Set-up Fee (One-time)

Preparation of notarized documentation for visa purposes and a formal agreement outlining the roles and responsibilities of the student, that natural parents and FCI staff.

  $275.00 CDN

  • Mandatory Custodial Monitoring (Per 4-Month Term to the Age of Majority)

Our capable staff liaise between the student, the school, the assigned host family, and the natural parents to ensure that minor-aged students receive adequate care and support while in Canada. $140.00 CDN

  $140.00 CDN


Airport Transportation Services

  • Airport Pick-up (One-way)

Door to door chauffeured transportation from point of entry to the student’s assigned residence by courteous drivers who are professionally licensed and insured.

  $100.00 CDN


Wire Transfer Fee / Monthly Payment Processing Fee (Per Occurrence) 

  $30.00 CDN


* The term “General Applicant” refers to all applicants for homestay and/or custodial guardianship services except high school students. Prices are in effect for applications received up to December 31, 2012.